home4you – It pays to be a tipster

Would you like to find out about our tipster commission and what benefits you can expect as a tipster with us? We would be happy to introduce you to our commission service at home4you in more detail and clarify all the important questions for you on the subject in question.

home4you – Become a tipster and receive commission

The work of a reputable real estate agent like home4you is based on honesty and trust. Often there is a close relationship of trust between search client, buyer or owner for years even after the successful completion of the project, from which both parties benefit. On this basis, it not only happens that we competently support you as a partner in the areas of renovation and refurbishment after the purchase or sale of your property, but that you support us in equal measure.

  1. What is meant by a tipster?

Let’s assume you hear about the planned sale of a property from acquaintances, friends or business associates. Or perhaps you know of someone who is currently looking for their dream property and needs professional support. In this case, you act as a tipster for us as soon as you recommend home4you to said person or inform us directly about the upcoming property transaction.

  1. Who is eligible to be a tipster?

As a rule, any person who establishes contact between the seller/buyer of a property and the respective real estate agent is eligible as a tipster. We are particularly interested in listed properties in the Cologne-Düsseldorf-Aachen city triangle and holiday properties on Mallorca. If you have a tip for us here, you fit the profile perfectly. Of course, you may also contact us for other types of property. Thanks to our large network, we can find a suitable buyer for most properties.

  1. What advantages do I have as a tipster?

As a tipster, you enjoy the advantage of receiving an attractive commission from us as a thank you for your help. In addition, tipster commissions are tax-free up to an amount of approximately 250 euros.

  1. How do I receive the tipster commission?

The payment of the tipster commission requires a successful conclusion of a sale. Accordingly, tipsters only receive a commission if a contract is signed. As soon as the purchase is completed, we will contact you with your commission.

  1. When do I not receive commission as a tipster?

Properties that have already been offered on the market are excluded from the commission.

Would you like to receive further information about the tipster commission or would you like to become a tipster yourself? Please feel free to use our hotline or send us an e-mail. We look forward to receiving your tip.