Interior Design

,,Your home is your place of retreat. That’s why it’s also important that this place is a feel-good oasis.”

Finding the right room design is an art. Arranging things impressively and thus creating an impressive feel-good climate is of true value.

Very often, true treasures for this are already present in your own 4 walls, but often only need to be arranged correctly.

In cooperation with our own craftsmen, home4you offers individual room design – as individual as you are! The focus here is on using existing values, because usually these things already radiate an incredible ambience.

It doesn’t matter whether you want planning as part of your new construction or you want to change your current living space years later.

“The sun is shining on the balcony of the cosy two-room flat in EI Molinar. Bettina Sasso takes the first sip of her morning coffee and looks out over the beach of the fishing quarter. I never thought I’d end up in Mallorca, actually I always wanted to go to Italy,” smiles the Swiss. Bettina Sasso has been commuting between her home country and the Balearic island for almost a year.

About 15 years ago, the Swiss woman fell in love with Mallorca. At that time, I was travelling in the south-east of the island on behalf of a client – this is still my favourite corner. Professionally, she works as an interior designer and has come up with her very own project idea on the side. “I wanted to do something that doesn’t exist yet.” She describes herself as an individual interior designer.

She visits homes and redesigns them with existing furniture and accessories according to their wishes. It’s that ‘before and after’ effect that gets my blood pumping,” Bettina Sasso says, beaming with joy. If necessary, she also helps her customers to shop in furniture shops. It’s important that I respond to individual needs and don’t impose my own tastes.

One aspect is particularly important to the blonde Swiss woman: sustainability. Ideally, the furnishings should be local products. But she often finds most of the things in her customers’ homes anyway. With attention to detail: Bettina Sasso designs her customers’ living space according to their individual needs. Many people have truly hidden treasures at home: whether furniture, fabrics, paintings, decorations … you can create something big out of many small things.” Setting the scene for things is a talent that the Swiss woman was born with.

The trained photographer soon realised that she was much more interested in staging the situation before the actual photo was taken. Taking the photo was no longer interesting for me,” explains the Swiss photographer, who also lived in New York for a time. After that, she devoted herself mainly to design. She has now been working in the industry as a stylist for advertising, fashion and interior design for around 15 years.”

Text extract from Mallorca Magazin 20/2021: