Our valuation – real added value instead of expensive appraisals

Real added value instead of expensive expert opinions

The headline may sound a little appealing, but it is actually based on our many years of experience in the industry. As an independent real estate agency, we represent the interests of house and apartment owners and those who are looking for their own four walls.

Our aim is to achieve the best prices for you, as close as possible to the market value.

On the other hand, appraisers mainly work with the analysis of the building fabric, which sometimes pushes the price down considerably. Although the standard floor value is also taken into account here, market events and comparative values tend to take a back seat. Added to this are the costs for the preparation of the expert opinion, which can cost several thousand euros. In the case of a sale, a valuation through our office is the better solution, especially since the service is included in the services and no additional costs arise for you. Before the advertisement is placed, we also check the potential for use and expansion of your residential or commercial property, which plays a central role in determining the price.


Professional valuation is included as a service

home4you is at your disposal for all your concerns regarding your real estate and helps you to achieve an optimal selling price.

We would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you and discuss the possibilities and procedures together.

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Taking your personal wishes into account, we will determine the value of your property and thus achieve a good price. Within the framework of the brokerage, you benefit from our services, which include the preparation of an attractive exposé and also a comprehensive value analysis, which accelerate a professional purchase transaction.