We are looking for properties for redevelopment

Our great passion for historic buildings from days gone by drives us anew every day. With great enthusiasm, lots of love and unbelievable creativity, we transform historic buildings into modern living space without losing their character. Do you own a historic building, now too large or no longer managed? We transform your unrenovated historical building into fascinating loft flats with a unique charm of traditional and modern architecture in a unique harmony of high-quality materials.

We renovate with a high degree of experience and expertise

The renovation of an aging property requires a high degree of experience and expertise. Compliance with legal building regulations, renovation obligations and energy laws are just some of the aspects that come into play in a professionally carried out house renovation.

Armchair with patterned pillow and stool in living room interior
Denkmalgeschütztes Haus mit Plakete

Fachgerechte Sanierung von baufälligen Bestandsimmobilien

As experts in the professional renovation of dilapidated existing properties, such challenges are an incentive for home4you to express our passion. We have therefore specialised in the purchase of properties for extensive refurbishment in order to breathe new life into old buildings whose uniqueness will make you, as a property owner or seller, look with pride at your (former) property.

Ihr zuverlässiger Sanierungspartner

For many homeowners of a historic building, the cost of renovation is simply too high. However, since the attachment to the aging property is still great, it is important to commission a reliable partner with this undertaking who understands how to create a symbiosis of old and new building fabric.

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