Stress-free property purchase: home4you supports you

Would you like to find out more about the services we offer our prospective property buyers in Germany and Spain? We would be pleased to present our services for prospective buyers at home4you in more detail in the following overview.

Our services for interested parties at a glance

At home4you in Cologne, we offer prospective property buyers a comprehensive range of services that extend far beyond the city limits of the Rhine metropolis. In addition to Cologne, we also work for you on the Balearic island of Mallorca and have extensive contacts thanks to our Europe-wide partner network.

Support during the purchase process

As an international estate agency, we support you throughout the entire buying process and take on both advisory and practical activities. Whether you are looking for a historic property or a listed building, we will work with you to find a suitable property in Cologne that meets your personal search criteria, clarify the essential question of the most suitable form of financing for you and put you in touch with experienced experts for upcoming projects such as relocation, a planned renovation or a harmonious interior design. Would you like to buy a property in sunny Spain, for example in Ses Salines or Colonia Sant Jordi? We will be happy to support you!

Support with the purchase process

Have you found your dream property in Cologne or Mallorca and are planning to buy it? We will be happy to support you on the way to purchasing your property and the purchase process. We will also explain what you need to bear in mind when buying a property in Spain.

Independent financing brokerage

With your own holiday home in Mallorca, you can fulfil your long-cherished dream of an exclusive second home with a view of the sea. Or would you prefer a listed property in Cologne with its very own historical charm? In order to make this dream a financial reality, we can put you in touch with independent financial advisors from our long-standing partner network who can provide you with favourable financing offers on fair terms.

Property offer and initiation of the search

Whether you are interested in a historic listed property in the Rhineland with tax benefits or are looking for a typical finca in Spain as a profitable capital investment – you will regularly find attractive property offers in our portfolio. Should you not find the right property in our offers, we will initiate a search request according to your individual requirements and present you with suitable properties that are a perfect match for you based on our database of potential buyers.

Craftsman placement and construction supervision

Thanks to our extensive network of partners throughout Europe, we can provide you with reliable tradespeople and service providers for your renovation or construction project in Germany or Spain. Whether it’s the renovation of an existing property with old building fabric or the conversion of a new build property in Mallorcan style, we can also provide you with construction supervision in the areas of coordination, planning and support.

Reliable service for senior citizens

As they get older, many prospective property buyers are faced with the question of where they would like to spend their retirement. As part of our reliable senior citizen service, we will advise you in detail in your search for a home suitable for senior citizens, show you alternative forms of housing and will be happy to help you return to Germany from Mallorca as a senior citizen.

Would you like more information about our services for prospective property buyers and would you like to arrange a non-binding consultation with us? We at home4you look forward to hearing from you.