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Contracts on land and rights equivalent to land 

home4you negotiates and prepares contracts for you about the sale, the encumbrance, letting or leasing of properties, of condominium ownership as well as contracts about mortgages and land charges.

contracts for residential & commercial premises

home4you negotiates and prepares contracts for you for all kinds of room transfers including lease and sublease, thus also housing and room mediation.

Contracts for loans
and insurances

home4you arranges financing, loans, mortgage loans from all well-known banks and insurance companies.

We arrange low-cost financing for your Mallorca property from Germany via Commerzbank, DKB, ING & Deutsche Bank or locally in your national language via SABADELL Bank and recommend IBERIA insurance brokers for local insurance.

Joachim Reuter
Joachim Reuter
Property is a very good investment and a pure lifestyle at the same time.

If you want to invest your money with a good return and in a secure form, then a property is recommended as a capital investment.

Whether you are looking for a listed property in Cologne and the surrounding area or an attractive holiday property on Germany’s favourite island, we have the right offer at unique conditions.

My German and Spanish team and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rosemarie Waldherr
Rosemarie Waldherr
Rosemarie Waldherr looks after you in our office in Germany.
Born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, she has always been a warm and cheerful contact person for our customers for several years.

Thanks to her many years of hotel experience and her good language skills, she is always ready to deal with any enquiry or special customer request.

Timothy Kura
Timothy Kura
Timothy Kura joined our team in the north of Mallorca in 2022. Born in Berlin, he has in-depth commercial and IT knowledge thanks to his professional background. He has always been enthusiastic about the diversity of the property sector.

His existing language skills in German, English and Spanish as well as the experience he has gained abroad support the multilingual liaising with customers and owners.

Kristin Kemper
Kristin Kemper
Since 2023 we are happy to welcome our new team member Kristin Kemper.
She has moved her centre of life from Münster to Mallorca and now supports us in the south-east of the island. She has been working in the property sector for 20 years. In addition to selling residential property, she has a lot of experience in project development and as an expert in property valuation.
Her reliability and her friendly and open manner characterise her and with her language skills in German, English and Dutch she is a valuable contact person for our customers.
Joel Beaujeux
Joel Beaujeux
We are delighted to have Joel Beaujeux join our team. The charming and polite native Frenchman has, in addition to his experience abroad, particular knowledge of property and building materials and many years of experience as an estate agent.

He speaks fluent English, French, German and Spanish and is therefore a valuable contact person for our mainly Spanish vendors as well as for European prospective buyers.

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Andreu Serra
Andreu Serra
We are delighted to have Andreu Serra joining our team in 2022 for our office in the south-east of the island of Mallorca. The charming and polite Mallorcan knows the island and its beautiful corners inside out.

He speaks English, German and Spanish and is therefore a valuable contact for both our mainly Spanish providers and interested European parties.

Dreams that can be realised.

Of course, our work for you doesn’t end once you have purchased your dream property, because now it’s time to take the next steps together.

Of course, we are happy to support you with our best local recommendations: Architects, construction companies, tradesmen, insurance companies and utilities, right through to your new fitted kitchen with TOP value for money.

Because here in particular there are opportunities to save a lot of money with a few small tips.

And this service is completely free of charge!

If you are planning a new build or renovation, we recommend that you first take the following steps:

  1. Contact the architect and request a quote
  2. Contact building contractor and announce project
  3. Start construction planning with architects
  4. Hold initial meeting with building contractor with current construction planning due to “local experience”
  5. Submit building applications (from now on, the “waiting time” runs until approval)
  6. After the architect has determined the dimensions, the building contractor can prepare a binding offer, now carry out price comparisons if necessary
  7. Await notification of approval of the building application
  8. Inform building contractor and architect and discuss any current changes
  9. Hire a construction manager (was already included in the architect’s offer and is a requirement in Spain)
  10. Start the construction phase

home4you optionally takes over your project management of building projects, prepares them economically and accompanies the realisation, no matter what or how much we can do for you, or what you prefer to do yourself. We are on site for you!

With our local partners, remodelling is no problem even in your absence.

We help with everything from planning and regular inspections to completion, while you carry out your tasks in Germany.

If you wish, we can be your contact “on site” with ongoing communication and photo documentation of the construction status. And it’s not that expensive, since we’re here anyway.

By the way: Did you know that even architects and site managers in Spain are still “negotiable”, or how you can save a further 11% on your new fitted kitchen in addition to a negotiated discount?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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