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Living in one’s own four walls means on the one hand a piece of quality of life and on the other hand independence from constantly rising rents.

In any case, investing in real estate is a sustainable and stable investment: it often offers a good opportunity to significantly reduce high tax payments through depreciation and thus goes hand in hand with an attractive return. However, the profitability depends on many other factors. Unfortunately, sample calculations that include running costs or tax aspects, for example, are often superficially prepared here.

Profitability calculation by an expert for your capital investment

Would you like to know what the profitability is specifically for your dream property in Germany and your personal living situation with German tax liability?

Our estate agents will provide you with a professional profitability calculation for your house or condominium, taking into account your very personal living situation and the individual factors of your dream property in Germany. In doing so, they will show you specifically which ancillary purchase costs you will incur, which depreciation options you have and how your rental income will affect the profitability.

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Of course, we also provide a final forecast of the expected increase in value and how much tax you can ultimately save in concrete terms.

Interested? Choose your dream property from our range now and ask for your personal profitability calculation.

Listed properties: High profit due to high additional tax depreciation

Buildings well over 100 years old very often form a solid stock for high-quality renovation and a good basis for modern living space with a unique quality of life. Solid stone or brick walls, lovingly decorated facades, historic wooden beam structures and an old tree population are often valuable legacies of our ancestors from times gone by.

Your investment in historic properties pays off several times over. High tax benefits, good rents and unique resale prices make a listed building very attractive and desirable.

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Whether as an investor or for owner-occupation, the purchase of a renovated historic property pays off for you several times over: In addition to the standard depreciation on the old stock, experience has shown that our listed properties offer high tax benefits through listed building depreciation in accordance with § 7i of the German Income Tax Act (EStG) amounting to approx. 65-68 % of the purchase price.

  • As an owner or landlord, you can benefit from the additional state advantages when investing in a listed property:
  • High depreciation on monuments
  • Additional depreciation on old stock
  • Low interest loans through our home4you financing service High resale value
  • High rental income above market value or alternatively
  • Self-use of a high-quality, historic property

Invest in a piece of history with the home4you profitability calculation. An exclusive service for our customers.

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