Our projects – quality right from the start.

The sustainable value of a property is determined by high construction quality and the selection of the right partners. Our high standards begin with the search for the right plots of land and existing properties. In addition, our stable partnership with our long-standing project partners contributes to effective, high-quality cooperation.

We at home4you plan and develop building projects – in some cases we also act as property developers. We carry out your project in our own name for our own account or for the account of third parties. Our portfolio includes holiday properties in need of renovation on the Balearic island of Mallorca as well as listed buildings in Cologne and the surrounding area, which can be used as capital investments or for owner-occupation after completion.

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Planning, development and implementation of challenging construction projects

Quality from the start of construction to completion: We at home4you specialise in the planning, development and realisation of sophisticated building projects in Germany and Spain. In our function as property developers, we take over the implementation of your construction or renovation project for you and convince you with transparent planning security and craftsmanship. In accordance with a previous agreement, both our own assets and those of purchasers, tenants, leaseholders or other beneficial owners are used for the financial implementation. We also consider interested parties who apply for the acquisition or utilisation rights of the property in question with regard to possible financing.

Thanks to our partner network, we project in many areas

In contrast to comparable real estate agents, we at home4you project in many areas. Thanks to our extensive and reliable partner network, consisting of craftsmen from all trades, we also offer you comprehensive services after marketing. In addition, we at home4you take over the construction support in the area of project planning as well as the subsequent construction supervision. On the basis of inexpensively acquired existing properties by our experienced team of estate agents, we succeed in offering you dream properties far below the local market value after renovation and refurbishment.

We create unique living dreams in Germany and Spain

We give old manor houses, schools or railway station buildings a new character through our conversion measures. Depending on the type, scope and construction agreement, the respective property serves either as a profitable capital investment or for private use after completion. We at home4you know how to create unique living dreams in Germany and Spain, the value of which is shown in the combination of historical building structures with modern living comfort.

Are you interested in purchasing a property that has been renovated by us or would you like to offer us, as the owner, an aging property for sale? We look forward to hearing from you.

We change real estate.