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At the end of May, the USA direct connection between Mallorca and New York was resumed. Visitors and holidaymakers from America are increasingly drawn to the sunny island and are particularly enthusiastic about the culture and history in Europe.

More and more tenants and buyers are taking a liking to the historic buildings on the one hand and the low prices of a central flat, a historic townhouse or an idyllic finca by their standards on the other. And all this with only a minimally longer flight time than to sought-after American holiday regions in Florida and Mexico.

What makes Mallorca so attractive

Mallorca is a sought-after destination due to its location, mild climate and breathtaking landscapes. The island offers a high quality of life and a diverse infrastructure that is attractive to both holidaymakers and locals. From relaxing days at the beach to adventurous hikes and cycling tours to cultural sightseeing, many activities are possible. In addition, Mallorca is known for its excellent gastronomy and vibrant nightlife.

Why investing in property in Mallorca is worthwhile

When you buy a property in Mallorca, you are not only buying a piece of land or a house, but also a way of life. The island offers a unique combination of stunning landscapes and a relaxed way of life. Mallorca has long been a popular destination and attracts millions of tourists every year.

Investing in a property on the island offers you the opportunity to enjoy this paradise to the fullest and use it as a second home or even a retirement home. Furthermore, the investment is worthwhile because the real estate market on the island is stable and the demand for high-quality properties is constantly increasing. If you rent out your property to holiday guests, you can also count on an attractive return in the form of regular rental income.

Successful property investment with home4you

With the resumption of direct flights between Mallorca and New York, the island is becoming even more attractive for international buyers who want to profit from the advantages of a real estate investment on the Spanish island.

This is exactly where home4you Immobilien supports you as an investor from the USA, Canada or Great Britain: Whether renting, selling and project development or renovation and refurbishment of real estate on the holiday island: The experts at home4you Immobilien are at your side to help you find the best investment opportunities for you and accompany your project until you move in. Whether painting work, a new kitchen or modernisation: our real estate agents have extensive knowledge of the local market and will help you with the selection of materials, craftsmen and necessary applications and official procedures.

Find the right property on Mallorca with us

home4you offers you a wide selection of high-quality properties: be it a villa with sea view, a charming finca with pool or a luxurious flat in one of the most exclusive areas of Mallorca.

Even if you have individual wishes for your Mallorcan dream home, we will be happy to help you. Use our search request form and let us know the most important key data for your desired property. We will contact you as soon as we have found a suitable property.

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