Free CORONA test for our customers.

home4you helps with COVID-19 travel restrictions

Long-distance travel will no longer be possible to the same extent in the foreseeable future.

More and more Germans, Swiss and Austrians are therefore attracted to the Balearic Islands. They invest in property with sun guarantee and at a safe distance from their place of residence.

Due to current travel restrictions, real estate prices are currently very interesting, but many prospective buyers shy away from travel restrictions such as the 14-day quarantine in Germany.

home4you therefore offers its real estate customers a free COVID-19 test from a local doctor. Not older than 48 hours you can start your journey home without major restrictions and enjoy the time advantage.

For better preparation we also offer virtual viewings. This way you travel to Mallorca just for your personal impression and your final purchase decision, or just to experience a few sunny days.

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