How does COVID-19 affect the real estate market?

“Better buy now or wait?”

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If the stock markets collapse, what else remains but “concrete gold”?!

But how does COVID-19 currently affect the real estate prices and what is the right time to buy/sell?

The virus is currently omnipresent. In view of historically falling stock exchange prices the question arises naturally fast:

“Does an investment in existing real estate and land as a crisis-proof investment make sense in order to quickly secure existing cash reserves?

Yes. It does.
In such a crisis it becomes clear once again that everything can change overnight. Habitual processes are just being completely reversed.

Chance or risk?
The economy will have to completely reposition itself in very broad areas afterwards. Many things will no longer be the same as before.

But how often in life in such a global crisis there are of course a lot of losers, but also winners. As macabre as it may sound, one person’s suffering is another’s joy.

Think of “toilet paper” in Germany, “weapons” in the USA or “coffee shops” in Holland, these industries earn solid money with it.

It is already a fact that online trade, delivery services and digitalisation, for example in the form of “home offices”, will be among the winners.

In addition, crisis-proof investments in the form of real estate will maintain and further expand their historical significance as capital investments.

In recent weeks, we have seen a clearly discernible trend towards investing in concrete gold.

Prices are currently still rising moderately, but buyers are of course no longer paying any price.

Market-driven prices are therefore a solid platform for crisis-proof investments.
Today more than ever, we see this as our primary task.

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