Real estate investments are a popular way to build up wealth in an inflation-proof way and also to achieve a stable return. But what if a property not only offers financial benefits, but also has historical value? Investments in listed properties can offer just that. The combination of tax advantages, special charm and cultural heritage makes this type of property an enticing option for investors. Find out more about the topic in our article.

High tax advantages through special depreciation

Buying a listed property is not only an investment in a historic building, but also a chance to enjoy high tax benefits. As a purchaser of a renovated listed property that you occupy yourself, you can deduct up to 90 per cent of the costs from your taxable income. Capital investors, on the other hand, can even claim the renovation costs in full in their income tax return. This means that you can deduct a large part of your investment from your taxable income over several years and thus significantly reduce your tax burden and the final price.

Our tip: The possibility of receiving state subsidies for low-interest financing also makes an investment in listed properties attractive. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities!

Value enhancement potential of listed properties and preservation of cultural assets

In addition to the financial advantages offered by listed properties due to tax-deductible renovation costs, they are also often sought-after properties on the market thanks to their rarity and uniqueness, which has a positive effect on the rents that can be achieved and the resale value. An important factor here is the location of the listed property: if it is rural and at the same time close to conurbations, this further increases the potential for an increase in value.

But that’s not all: by buying a listed property, you are also contributing to the preservation of our history and culture, as the restoration of monuments is often costly and contributes significantly to the sustainability of the buildings. However, as a potential buyer, you should be aware that the purchase of a listed property can be associated with special challenges and therefore requires an experienced partner.

Challenges when investing in listed properties and how to overcome them

Buying a listed property is a worthwhile investment, but there are also some challenges in renovation and restoration. One important rule is that renovations should be carried out by an expert. This is the only way to take into account the special requirements of monument protection. It is important that the historical elements are preserved while at the same time modern standards are met. Are you wondering how to find a competent partner for the implementation of renovation measures? We will be happy to help you with this. Over the past 40 years, our initiator can look back on the renovation and subsequent handover of 50 “Rhenish square houses”, ultimately around 1 project per year. Built with experience, calmness and in the highest quality.

Successful listed property investment with home4you

We at home4you would be happy to support you on the way to your listed property investment. If you are interested, we can also realise your real estate project in close cooperation with you. We look forward to hearing from you!