Illegal construction

In hardly any other European country does the topic of “illegal construction” cause real estate buyers so many worries afterwards as in Spain. And this although almost always real estate agencies, notaries and even lawyers were involved in the purchase. Because in the past, very often buildings were erected at one’s own discretion and without a building application and building inspection, because even authorities did not pursue this.

The result is buildings or parts of buildings that today have to be demolished or dismantled. Prominent examples from the recent past bear witness to this. This is always associated with considerable costs, since on the one hand property has already been acquired, but on the other hand costs for demolition and new construction are now also incurred. In the context of a purchase, this examination is in most cases not included, despite the lawyer and notary.

We clarify unclear building statuses with the authorities for you and show you the possibilities of legalising your property. We also offer this for examination in case of intention to buy.